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As you will be aware, APC has changed a number of service procedures and displayed these on the online booking platform at log in.


Across the industry, proof of delivery procedures have been changed to enable the signature capture device to be used without contact with the recipient.


Across the network, to date, all depots are open. In Skipton, the depot is fully functioning and will continue to do so staff permitting and until instructed to close.


We have come across a number of local businesses that have seen massive falls in national demand and a few have quite successfully put together packs for sale locally to maintain suppliers, turnover, and staff. Clearly charging £2/£2.50 to deliver these stocks severely limits their area.


If any local supplier would like to expand their area to beyond Skipton, but within the Bradford postal code districts, contact us. We are in the majority of these areas daily and could potentially help out at these rates. Let us know and we will help where possible.

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